Resistance bands total workout set

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Infinity Homeware’s new high-quality resistant band set provides all users with an effective workout. Any fitness level from young trainees to adult athletes will benefit from this practical workout tool. It is perfect for body sculpting & toning, muscle building and strengthening. Match your intensity level by using any one of the five coloured bands or multiple in combination, along with the additional ankle straps and non-slip foam handles. It is made of durable latex material, which offers significant elasticity, strongly designed to withstand extreme training sessions. Easily carry them with you to your gym, office or to your vacation destination in a provided travel pouch.

Product Specifications:
Band resistance measurements:
– Yellow: 10 lbs
– Red: 15 lbs
– Green: 20 lbs
– Blue: 25 lbs
-Black: 30 lbs

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 12 cm